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Kyubei-kun saying “Jugem Jugem Unko Nage Ki Ototoi no Shin-chan no Pantsu Shinpachi no Jinsei Balmunk Fezarion Aizak Shunaider San Bun no Ichi Junjyou na Kanjyou no Nokotta San Bun no Ni wa Sakamuke ga Kininaru Kanjyou Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiruyou de Shinranai no wo Boku wa Shitteiru Rusu Surume Medaka Kazuno Kokoedame Medaka….Kono Medaka wa saki no to wa Chigau Yatsu Dakara Ikeno Medaka no Hou Dakara Raa-yuu yuuteimiouki Mukou Pepepepepepepepepepepepe Bichiguso Maru


Jessica Rey presents the history of the evolution of the swimsuit including the origins of its design, how it has changed overtime and the post-feminist association of the bikini symbolizing female empowerment. She refers to neuro-scientific studies revealing how male brains react to images of scantily clad women versus images of women deemed modest and what the implications of the results are for women in society.

(Note: As the OP, I disagree with Rey’s approach to putting the onus on women to alter ourselves rather than to alter the male perception of women – brain wiring has plenty to do with socialization and if we worked against the culture that fuels men’s objectification of women, women’s clothing choices would matter far less in terms of how men perceive us and determine how to interact with us).

Jessica Rey - The Evolution of the Swim Suit


It’s me again with these crossovers Disney-Dreamworks-Marvel 

I made an individual poster with every AVENGER and this is the result. I know!! There are some things that I can improve :)

I hope you enjoy and please don’t post these in another place just reblog and have some fun :)


I don’t think I’ll ever be able to properly explain how much I love Gintama. And the music. Ooooohhhh the music. The music  has always been like the icing on the cake, but I didn’t think I’d get as emotional as I did listening to the songs on the Gintama Best 3 album. Bless this damn show for so many things, and especially for introducing me to some really great bands.





Remember when every girl wanted this phone


yoo if you had this phone in 2005 you were the coolest bitch on the block

I didn’t know this was a thing. my dad had this phone.

then your dad was the coolest bitch on the block no exceptions



if I offered you $20, would you take it?

How about if I crumpled it up?

Stepped on it?

you would probably take it even though it was crumpled and stepped on it. Do you know why?

Because it is still $20, and its worth has not changed.

The same goes for you; if you have a bad day, or if something bad happens to you, you are not worthless.

if someone crumples you up or steps on you, your worth does not change. You are still just as valuable as you were before.




What if what Aladdin meant by a whole new world, he was just gonna get Jasmine high as shit to see the world from a stoner’s point of view?

yeah that makes sense u fuckin pothead



Chameleon hatching

humans are fucking pathetic look at this little nigga come out of his egg on his own no crying no helpless “wah wah cut my umbilical cord” bullshit he come out and he already on the hunt for reptilian pussy no fear no games. and we’re the evolved species? smh



Drag the picture to the side of your dashboard :)
Inspired by this post by risarodil.

Reblogging because it only works on the dashboard :)



Drag the picture to the side of your dashboard :)

Inspired by this post by risarodil.

Reblogging because it only works on the dashboard :)





Frozen 2

she can’t hold it back anymore

She lets it go

I need it